Ascenteus Holdings is a multi faceted organization spanning Property Development, Research and Development, Infrastructure, Engineering Technologies, and a diverse Product portfolio.
With over 2 decades of techno functional expertise across industries, we believe in the application of Innovation to our businesses. We bring new ideas and perspectives from one industry and apply them to new ones.

We believe in synergies and its value in developing better and globally competitive businesses, products and services.

Ascenteus Holdings through its various businesses is present in International markets such as Malaysia, U.A.E, Qatar, India, Australia and United Kingdom.


The capability to innovate, the flexibility to change and our reliability are the cornerstones on which Ascenteus Holdings is founded.

We believe in the development of core human capital as our strength and competitive advantage.

We believe in building relationships and synergies.

Research, Technology, Lifestyle and Innovation

Ascenteus Holdings prides itself on being an equal opportunity employer and its core human resource has been deployed across a wide spectrum of business activities. These embrace the key platforms of Ascenteus Holdings dedication to providing Research & Development, Technology, Lifestyle and Innovation based products, systems and services.
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