Ascenteus Sdn Bhd is a world class Technology Incubator and R&D Company that solves problems that have vast potential for commercialization, using the most advanced technologies available and in so doing, create large, successful, new businesses.

We are in the business of generating Intellectual Property for ourselves and our customers. We conceptualize, design, develop and incubate ideas we believe that have large scale potential for commercialization. These ideas go through rigorous criteria and a disciplined process.

We are engineering problem solvers par excellence with experience of over 2 decades in the conceptualization, design and development of new products and ideas.

1. To be a world leading Innovation and Technology Incubation Company that focuses on rapid commercialization of products and solutions.

2. To develop world class Intellectual Property for ourselves and our customers by creating a world beating talent pool of human capital.

Ascenteus is a technology generator with the right combination of technical and commercial skills. The team consists of experts in their relevant field and provides an excellent mix of techno-commercial skill sets.

Our team consists of a unique combination of internationally experienced technopreneurs with senior technology development, marketing and operational experience. Our core team has combined experience of more than 50 years in global product development, entrepreneurship and operational experience, and a track record in commercialization of new technologies operating across European, U.S and Asian business environments. This unique combination of the Ascenteus team adds value by introducing diverse approaches and global perspectives to solving problems.
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